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State Laws Regarding Registration

Who must register?

Sex Offender Registration – Alaska Statute 12.63.010 and 12.63.100.

What information must registrants provide?

Residence, mailing, electronic mail, instant messaging or other Internet communication identifiers such as names used in chat rooms and on social networking websites must be reported by the next working day after being set up or changed.
Sec. 12.63.010

How frequently must they register? And for how long?

A sex offender or child kidnapper convicted of an aggravated offense, or two or more non-aggravated offenses, is required to register for life and must verify reported information every quarter. A sex offender or child kidnapper convicted of a single non-aggravated offense is required to register for 15 years after the date of unconditional discharge for the offense and must verify reported information annually.
AS 12.63.020 and AS 12.63.100

Do any registrants remain privately registered? If so, who?

No Answer.

Are there special restrictions for registrants even after supervision?

None presently.

Is there a process for removal from the registry? If so, who qualifies and what is the process?

Yes, if the person can obtain an unconditional discharge

What is the registration requirement for someone with a sexual offense who is visiting the state?

Registered sex offenders from other jurisdictions who temporarily travel to Alaska are required to notify the Alaska Sex Offender Registry office of their presence in the state. •The offender must be registered and in compliance with the requirements where they live. •The plans to travel in Alaska must be for less than 30 days. •The traveler must submit a Temporary Presence Form. •The offender is also responsible to comply with any requirements where he or she is registered to report a temporary absence

What is the registration requirement for someone with a sexual offense who will be moving to the state to live or to attend school?

Register by the next working day of becoming physically present in the state.
Sec 12.63.010

State Laws Regarding Sexual Offenses and Offenders, other than registration

What sexual offenses can people be convicted of, and what are the ranges of sentences?

Does the state have lifetime supervision?

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Does the state have indeterminate sentencing?

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What are the state civil commitment laws?

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The Alaska legal Age of Consent for sexual contact is 16 years old.
§ 11. 41. 434
§ 11. 41. 436
§ 11. 41. 440

Are there “Romeo and Juliet” laws or other laws specific to young people?

There are no set close-in-age exemptions or “Romeo and Juliet laws” to Alaska's age of consent. This means that anyone who engages in sexual activity with someone under the age of consent in Alaska is liable for prosecution, including people only a few years older then their sexual partner and even two individuals who are both under the age of consent.
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Info for State Advocates

Are felons allowed to vote? If so, when is this right restored?

Felons have to contact the Department of Corrections to request voting rights restored

What does the state say about persons who are required to register?

Alaska Department of Public Safety:

How does the state’s legislative process work?

How can I locate legislation regarding sexual offense issues?

set up an account through the BTMF

Best keywords are:

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How to sign up for notifications of bill movement:

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Most important legislative committees for our issues are:

Contact info for state legislators can be found at:

Other Useful State Information

Contact information for state registry office
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RSOL state affiliate website or blog:

None currently.
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Other helpful state advocacy groups:

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Other registrant-friendly state support groups:

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Other helpful information

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