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Hawaii Laws Regarding Registration

Who must register?

What information must registrants provide?

How frequently must they register? And for how long?

Do any registrants remain privately registered? If so, who?

Those with a single offense that is a misdemeanor. 846E-3(h)

Are there special restrictions for registrants even after supervision?


Is there a process for removal from the registry? If so, who qualifies and what is the process?

What is the registration requirement for someone with a sexual offense who is visiting the state?

Ten days in a row or more than 30 days in a calendar year; §846E-2(a)

What is the registration requirement for someone with a sexual offense who will be moving to the state to live or to attend school?

State Laws Regarding Sexual Offenses and Offenders, other than registration

What sexual offenses can people be convicted of, and what are the ranges of sentences?

Does the state have lifetime supervision?


Does the state have indeterminate sentencing?

Yes for 1st degree electronic enticement of a child. HRS §707-756©(2)

What are the state civil commitment laws?

Only for habitual drug addiction and mental illness. No civil commitment for sexual crimes.
Link needed.

Are there “Romeo and Juliet” laws or other laws specific to young people?

Info for State Advocates

Are felons allowed to vote? If so, when is this right restored?

What does the state say about persons who are required to register?

How does the state’s legislative process work?

How can I locate legislation regarding sexual offense issues?

search boxes on left for key words

Best keywords are:

sexual offense, sexual laws

How to sign up for notifications of bill movement:

Most important legislative committees for our issues are:

Contact info for state legislators can be found at:

Other Useful State Information

Contact information for state registry office

465 South King Street, Room 102
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: (808) 587-3350

NARSOL state affiliate website or blog:

None at this time.

Other helpful state advocacy groups:

Response needed.
Link needed.

Other registrant-friendly state support groups:

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Other helpful information

In November 2001 the Hawaiian Supreme Court, in State v. Bani, 97 Haw. 285, struck down Hawaii’s Megan’s Law legislation as unconstitutional based on the public notification provision. Consequently community notification is no longer allowed.

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