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Arizona Laws Regarding Registration

Who must register?

What information must registrants provide?

How frequently must they register?

Do any registrants remain privately registered? If so, who?

Level I classification 13-3827A.1.

Are there special restrictions for registrants even after supervision? (State: Local jurisdictions: Yes/No)

Community notification 13-3825

Is there a process for removal from the registry? If so, who qualifies and what is the process?

Very limited to young offenders who are not on probation.

What is the registration requirement for someone with a sexual offense who is visiting your state?

What is the registration requirement for someone with a sexual offense who will be moving to your state to live or to attend school?

14 consecutive days or 30 aggregate days 13-3821E

State Laws Regarding Sexual Offenses and Offenders, other than registration

What sexual offenses can people be convicted of, and what are the ranges of sentences?

Does the state have lifetime supervision?

Does the state have indeterminate sentencing?


What are the state civil commitment laws? - not specific to sex offenses and also
Chapter 37 - Sexually Violent Persons (ARS. 36-3701-36-3717)

Are there "Romeo and Juliet" laws or other laws specific to young people?

Info for State Advocates

Are felons allowed to vote? If so, when is this right restored?

Automatic voting restoration upon completion of sentence and payment of all fines for first-time, single felony offenders. Second time felony offenders may apply for restoration with their county after completion of their sentence. 13-905 and 13-906

What does the state say about persons who are required to register?

How does the state's legislative process work?

How can I locate and track legislation regarding sexual offense issues?

Must know bill number:
Can scan through topics and choose ones sex offender related to follow:

Best keywords are:

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Sign up for notifications of bill movement:

Click on Bill Tracking Tab in center of page. Click on link to track bills. click on Bill Status Inquiry; » Search (located on bottom left) » Keywords (near bottom on left) » enter key words to locate bills regarding key word. There may be several options. Highlight each option to see bill number. Click on the bill number to see the proposed bill. To enable screen reader support, press shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Z. To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press shortcut Ctrl+slash.

Most important legislative committees for our issues are:

Most important are Senate Appropriations; Senate Judiciary; House Appropriations Subcommittee on Public Safety, Infrastructure and Resources; and House Judiciary and Public Safety Committee. Members are searchable from the “Committee Overview” link, which updates with each new session.

Contact info for state legislators can be found at:

Other Useful State Information

Contact information for state registry office

NARSOL state affiliate website or blog:

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Other helpful state groups:

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Other registrant-friendly state support groups:

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Other helpful information

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